A downloadable game for Windows

Story about the world of Perang Cemen

In a world, where monsters take the forms, one boy is fated to change everything forever.

The plot starts when Lexar, hero of this story, has a dream of the god
Zukan who commands him to take up arms, become a hero worthy of him and
slay the legions of monster that attack humans everywhere. However,
Lexar has another ideal: coexistence between human and monster,
something Zukan would not approve of.

What you will do in this game?

You will play as Lexar, you will aid him in his quest to make the world peace by defeat bad people and monsters as you travel in this lands of gods, you will not fight alone! there will be cute monster,human, and half-angel girls help you defeat your foes! there will be also tons of secret and side quest to uncover!

What are you waiting for? go  and adventure in this amazing world!

Install instructions

you need install RTP in order to play the game.

you can download it from here

Warning: if you have Demo ver 0.0.4/0.0.7 don't use save data ver 0.0.4/0.0.7 for Final Demo Ver 0.1.3 else there might some error.


Perang Cemen Final Demo