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Story about the world of Perang Cemen

In a world, where monsters take the forms, one boy is fated to change everything forever.

The plot starts when Lexar, hero of this story, has a dream of the god
Zukan who commands him to take up arms, become a hero worthy of him and
slay the legions of monster that attack humans everywhere. However,
Lexar has another ideal: coexistence between human and monster,
something Zukan would not approve of.

What you will do in this game?

You will play as Lexar, you will aid him in his quest to make the world peace by defeat bad people and monsters as you travel in this lands of gods, you will not fight alone! there will be cute monster,human, and half-angel girls help you defeat your foes! there will be also tons of secret and side quest to uncover!

What are you waiting for? go  and adventure in this amazing world!

Some info about gameplay:
You can interact with almost everything in the game, most of them are just for fun, but try interacting with objects like chestboxes, tree, bush, and pots.

Some points about gameplay to read and note:
-At the start of the game, you don't have any Rp. Interact with objects like the chestboxes and pots to find extra loot. Talk to Mai at Magic Shop in Tsugi City, she will give you some Rp that is very useful - so buy some new equiment before you engage in a combat! (also, some of Lexar's skills are not usable when there is no weapon equipped, note that)

-Combats are active-turn-based and every encounter you can see it in Enemy radar. You can escape anytime in normal battle(didn't work in boss or event battle) there is game over when you are defeated so be sure to escape when you need.

-Some negative states (such as Poison) remains even after the combat. Check your HP and inflicted states before you engage in another combat!

 Character described for combats:
1-Lexar : Beyond God     
2-Karen : Magic Dealer  
3-Karin : Damage Dealer  
4-Otama : Defender     
5-Rose  : Skilled Damage Dealer  
6-Mira : Buff Dealer  
7-Sphinx : Both Damage Dealer
8-Rira : Magic Defender
9-Mai : Most Dangerous
10-Cecila : Monster Kill  

-Maximum level for all characters is 99. To level-up, you have to collect enough EXP (experience) required for each level-up through winning combats (see in the "Status" for your character to see info about EXP and also other details)

-Equipment is specific for each character. Any character can't equip any equipment, so keep in mind.

-When Mai joins your party, a "slime" will appear somewhere and sells goods, plus some NPCs may changed a bit.

-The chestbox, Wood Box(Square) mean curative items, Red Box mean equipments, Blue Box mean that box locked(only specific character can open it), Iron Box mean Rp, Gold Box mean Key Items, Green Box mean Cursed Berry, Red Box(Small) mean Skills Book/Scroll and alike, Wood Box(Chest) mean Chest of Hope or other chest maybe...?.

-The game is have plot, you have to follow the story to reach end of the game, but you will be given choice to chose what kind of end you like.

This game may aimed at a young male audience because this game contain:






-Slice of life

-Strong bond

-Hand holding

-Heartwarming hug





More information

Published 165 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorPerang Cemen
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Action RPG, Anime, Fantasy, JRPG, RPGMaker


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Great works, can't wait until this game done.

Thanks, I'm not sure when this done but I'll try my best that this game would be released next year. maybe end of next year, I'm not sure myself since this game is pretty long...